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On My Own Two Feet

OMOTFIn 2007, Sharon Kedar and I announced the launch of our first personal finance book, On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance — a primer aimed at women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

The book’s goal was three-fold: (1) Make learning about money fun, (2) Demystify personal finance jargon, and (3) Give women the tools to create the financial lives that make their hearts sing.

In the ensuing years, tens of thousands of women have read the book. Numerous readers have reported that it transformed their relationship with money. “I never knew personal finance could be easy to digest!” is a common refrain.

Today On My Own Two Feet is in its second edition, having been updated for a post-Lehman Brothers era. Reflecting current financial conditions, it explains:

  • What healthy spending REALLY looks like
  • How to build and protect your financial reputation (aka credit score)
  • How to manage competing demands on your cash (especially while struggling with credit cards and student loans)
  • How to create the right mix of investments for your present stage of life
  • Cash and coupling: how to talk money with your honey

This book makes an excellent “gift that keeps on giving” for the woman in your life who seeks financial independence. Or it could help you begin the next leg in your own financial journey on the right foot! And at less than $14 a copy, it’s a bargain, to boot.