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The Other Side of Thirty

OSOTThe Other Side of Thirty is the story of Ani Spencer, a feisty, passionate, single, 30-something architect. Ani is on a quest. While professionally successful, Ani feels like the “traditional” route to female happiness (marriage, children, etc.) is rapidly passing her by. As a self-proclaimed modern-day feminist and independent woman, Ani is mortified that she even cares about this issue. But to her chagrin, try as she might (and she tries!), Ani just can’t seem to push the subject out of her mind. Despite having devoured the current plethora of books and TV shows depicting the ups and downs of the modern single female in witty, lighthearted tones, Ani still has unresolved angst. So she decides to take matters into her own hands.

The Other Side of Thirty chronicles Ani’s efforts to ride the rapids of single life in the 21st century and figure out how to move forward and address head on the issues that tug at her on a daily basis: dating, marriage, body image, self-confidence, careers, and personal finance. While Ani starts off thinking her problem is being single in her 30’s, she eventually comes to recognize that the root issue with which she is grappling is something much broader than that. As a result readers of all types—singles, women, and none of the above—will find wisdom and humor in Ani’s tale about trying to move forward in life.

“Smart, honest, from the heart. A unique blend of page-turning fiction and plain spoken wisdom. The kind of book you want to read and re-read for inspiration, particularly during life’s inevitable rough patches.”

– Glenna Bell: award wining Americana singer/songwriter