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Jean Chatzky’s Three Favorite “Money Rules”

In response to my last post about Jean Chatzky’s delightful new book, “MoneyRules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security“, many of your wrote to me to share the money rules that had made the biggest difference in your life. That got me thinking, “What are Jean Chatzky’s favorite money rules?”  After all, as the financial […]


My Three Favorite “Money Rules”

When economic times were flush, it felt relatively easy to figure out the next financial move to make. Today it feels like many of us are on a rapidly moving financial freeway with poor money signage. Should you pay off student loan debt or start saving for retirement? Should you save for your child’s education […]


All The Money In The World

Have you ever wondered how your life might be different if you had “All The Money In The World?” In her new book by that same name, Laura Vanderkam turns that question on its head. Instead, Laura, who is also the critically-acclaimed author of “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think“, and a […]


The Behavior Gap

Last week my hubby and I had dinner with our dear friends Harry and Olivia. Towards the end of the meal Harry asked a very interesting question. “When you pick up a menu, what side do you look at first – the right or the left?” Harry and I immediately said “the right” while my […]


Celebrity, Inc.

What can four drunk airplane passengers, first time parents, and a delightful new book called Celebrity, Inc. do for your wallet? Plenty. Let me start with the drunks and new parents. Monday night I boarded a very delayed flight from Houston to Los Angeles. Behind me were four 20/30-somethings boisterously swigging from “coffee” cups. (Our gate was across from a […]


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This blog chronicles my quest to identify simple, joyful methods that we can all use to feel calmer and more balanced in our relationship to our money.

Despite the abundance of personal finance books, magazines, radio programs and TV shows that have exploded into our lives over the past two decades, most of us struggle to find financial sanity, security and serenity. Rather than help us eliminate money pain, all this information has left us feeling overwhelmed and confused. We need fresh wisdom to break out of the cycle of despair and create lives of abundance.

Here’s hoping these short pieces will help you craft a uniquely rich and rewarding life.

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