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Talking Money With Your Honey: 5 Ways to Get Financially Intimate

This February, consider a new approach to intimacy with your loved one.  As a female financial advisor focused on female clients, I’ve become very clear-eyed about how important the role of money — and the ritual of talking about money — can be in relationships. While divorce rates are declining, money’s influence on divorce is […]


Are You Empowering – or Enabling – Your Adult Children?

Speaking about financial literacy at a recent women’s conference, I received energetic applause when I argued it wasn’t healthy to give kids everything they asked for. I specified this also goes for adult children boomeranging back into their parents’ lives; the cheers became even louder. I realize it’s terribly difficult to be rational about the […]


How to Increase Your Retirement Confidence

How are we Americans collectively feeling about our retirement prospects? Survey says (and most financial advisors would concur), not so great. Consider this comparative data from an annual study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute: • In 2007, the EBRI study found that 27% of wage earners felt “very confident” their retirement plans were on […]


3 Reasons Why We Overspend

Have you ever set a financial goal only to find that your actual spending significantly surpassed your budget? When you have the best of intentions to create financial health, why is it so darn easy to sabotage your progress? As a female financial advisor and confirmed personal finance junkie here are three factors that I […]


What Are Your Financial Priorities?

As we enter the warm, playful days of summer, it may be difficult to turn our attention to the cold reality of personal finance. Yet as any financial expert will say, to continue enjoying our lives to the fullest, it is essential to plan for our financial futures. Unfortunately, many Americans find themselves in a […]


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This blog chronicles my quest to identify simple, joyful methods that we can all use to feel calmer and more balanced in our relationship to our money.

Despite the abundance of personal finance books, magazines, radio programs and TV shows that have exploded into our lives over the past two decades, most of us struggle to find financial sanity, security and serenity. Rather than help us eliminate money pain, all this information has left us feeling overwhelmed and confused. We need fresh wisdom to break out of the cycle of despair and create lives of abundance.

Here’s hoping these short pieces will help you craft a uniquely rich and rewarding life.

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