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Talking Money With Your Honey: 5 Ways to Get Financially Intimate

This February, consider a new approach to intimacy with your loved one.  As a female financial advisor focused on female clients, I’ve become very clear-eyed about how important the role of money — and the ritual of talking about money — can be in relationships. While divorce rates are declining, money’s influence on divorce is […]


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How Fit Are Your Finances? What to Check Up on in The New Year

“So how are those 2014 financial resolutions going?” If you find that question cringe-inducing, trust me: you are not alone. And you may be over-reacting. As a financial advisor, I can assure you it’s still plenty early for you to turn your good financial intentions into actionable steps and repeatable systems. All behavior change (weight […]



The Marriage of Love & Money: How to Protect Yourself From Financial Heartbreak

What’s going on (financially) in the private lives of couples across America? As someone who earns a living providing financial advice for women, I’m fascinated by this question. A recent study about the money behavior of mates, conducted by Learnvest and Ameritrade, yielded the following insights: The typical couple has three primary financial concerns: Having […]



Reveal Your Worth: Meggan Watterson on Women, Spirituality, and Money

What can spirituality teach us women about money? In this interview with Meggan Watterson, Harvard trained theologian and author of the critically acclaimed new book REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked, you’ll receive insights on the relationship between self-worth and net-worth, facing financial fear, and how to identify your true calling. As someone […]


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What To Do When Financial Opposites Attract

Are you and your significant other financial opposites? If so, you’re not alone.  As a financial advisor, I’ve seen time and again how the results can be quite painful. When the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants polled co-habitating and married couples in the U.S., 27% percent said that disagreements over money were more likely […]


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This blog chronicles my quest to identify simple, joyful methods that we can all use to feel calmer and more balanced in our relationship to our money.

Despite the abundance of personal finance books, magazines, radio programs and TV shows that have exploded into our lives over the past two decades, most of us struggle to find financial sanity, security and serenity. Rather than help us eliminate money pain, all this information has left us feeling overwhelmed and confused. We need fresh wisdom to break out of the cycle of despair and create lives of abundance.

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