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You deserve a financial advisor who is a solid fit for your needs and personality.  Alas, as I discuss in this short CNBC video called “Finding The Right Advisor, It’s Complicated!” – to date that’s not always been an easy task.

At Buckingham we are striving to change that.  If you’d like to have a brief 30 minute chat to discuss whether our solutions are a fit for your needs, please fill out the below and one of my Buckingham colleagues will get back to you with a date and time to speak. (See bottom of form for more details about my role in this process).

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  • Note: we have a minimum account size of $80,000 in investible assets – if this is not a fit for your situation, please visit the Resources page of this website for other advisory options.
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    You will know your submission has been successfully received when you receive a confirmation email back from Manisha (don't forget to check your spam folder!). If you are having any trouble with this form, email Manisha directly at mthakor (at) or call her at 713-927-3627. Please note, Manisha no longer words with individual clients one-on-one. To increase the number of lives she can impact, Manisha interacts with all Buckingham clients from one of two macro standpoints: (1) Serving on Buckingham's nine-member Investment Policy Committee which sets the overarching investment philosophy for the entire firm, and (2) Serving as a national thought leader and providing ongoing financial education to our clients with an emphasis on our women clients. So she will be in your orbit, just not your day to day contact. After an introductory call (at no charge) individual clients are carefully matched to one of the many wonderful Buckingham wealth advisors based on the needs of their specific situations. Prospective clients can then have several further conversations with their prospective advisor (still at no charge) in order to decide whether or not they would would like to sign on as clients. No fees are charged until an Investment Advisory Agreement is signed. We are excited to get to know you and start the mutual due diligence process!