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5 Lessons You Can Learn About Money… From Nutrition!

I was tired. And hungry. So I stopped by the sandwich bar at my local boutique grocery store for a turkey, bacon & brie panini sandwich. But then I glanced at the calories—980! For a SANDWICH. Eeeek! I passed.

As with my unassuming sandwich, there is a lot that nutrition can teach you about moneystarting with the importance of reading labels.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our money there are not always easy-to-read calorie counters to tell you the consequences of your actions.

Being clear about the nutritional density and caloric costs of your financial intake is vital. When making financial decisions, you want to be asking yourself questions such as:

  • “Are these really the right financial products for me?”
  • “Just how much is this going to cost me?”
  • “What am I getting back in return?”

For these are the questions that will help you pick choices that best suit your personal financial metabolism and taste.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the following video with you. Enlightened Wealth Management founder & CEO, Christopher Girbes-Pierce recently wrote an article for MindBodyGreen called “What Nutrition Can Teach You About Money.” In this lively interview we will discuss these powerful nutrition / finance analogies:

  1. Read labels
  2. Don’t ignore the evidence
  3. Don’t assume familiar means safe & healthy
  4. Don’t believe if you could just lose weight (or make more money) you’d be happier
  5. Create goals & make a plan, monitor your progress, hire a coach

The video runs 35 minutes and is genuinely fun watch—CLICK HERE to watch & enjoy!

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