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Q:  Is MoneyZen Wealth Management right for me?
MoneyZen Wealth Management provides integrated financial planning and investment management for women and families with $3 million or more in investable assets. While many of our clients are women, we welcome inquiries from anyone who feels a connection with our services and meets our $3 million minimum in investable assets.

Q:  How is working with MoneyZen Wealth Management different from using a traditional banker, broker or insurance agent?
At MoneyZen, we’re structured as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, which differentiates us from many other financial intermediaries. As an RIA firm, we serve exclusively as your fiduciary advisor. That’s all we do, so our advice had better be good, and delivered strictly in your highest financial interests. In contrast, other models comingle trading execution with advisory services. Because these providers are considered to be traders first, and advisors second, they are bound only to a “suitability standard.” Financial regulators assume that you understand, when you are working with traders, that they may have other incentives such as commissions or company loyalties. If you cut the conflicts, the difference is clear.

Q:  How do you get paid?
Complementing our role as your fiduciary advisor (as described above), we are a “fee-only” firm, which means you, our Wealth Management client, are our sole source of compensation, with no conflicts of interest inherent to accepting third-party incentives. We clearly publish our fees in accordance with our principles. Costs matter to your overall experience and they should not be obscure or hard to assess. We have sought to ensure that your overall costs remain well-managed, while enabling us to deliver the standards of care you deserve as a MoneyZen Wealth Management client.

Q:  How do you decide how my money will be invested?
We limit our investments to a few, select fund families and similar investments that are built to support our passively minded investment strategy. How do we identify these offerings? A key concept in passive investing is the ability to reflect your personal risk/reward goals through sensible “asset allocation.” Just as one builds a strong home by starting with a solid foundation, we seek individual holdings that have a demonstrated track record for serving as reliable, asset allocation building blocks from which to construct well-managed personal portfolios.

Q:  Where will my money be held?
As a Wealth Management client you may select either Schwab Institutional or Fidelity Investments to serve as the custodian for accounts we manage on your behalf. The accounts are held in your name. You merely grant us Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to execute transactions on your behalf. Importantly, you also have 24×7 online access to your accounts, as well as independent monthly account reports.

Q:  How often and where will we meet?
How often depends mostly on you. After an initial period in which we aggressively “declutter” your financial life, we find most clients enjoy a formal annual review, supplemented by informal quarterly check-ins. That said, personal finance is personal. So we encourage you to contact us any time you want with questions or comments. For our meeting location, as we described in About Us, among our most exciting and unusual qualities is how we’ve applied leading-edge technology to build a virtual office. We utilize cutting edge, easy-to-use video conferencing software to enable us to serve clients anywhere an effective virtual connection can be made. That means the physical location can be anywhere from your boardroom to your back porch – anywhere you’d feel joyful talking about your finances.

Q:  Your MoneyZen Wealth Management services seem like more than I need or can afford at this time. Do you have à la carte services for one-off questions?
The short answer is, no. MoneyZen Wealth Management is a boutique financial advisory firm designed to serve a select group of high net worth  clients seeking integrated financial planning and investment management. That is the only Wealth Management offering we provide, and all client engagements are priced in accordance with our simple, transparent Fee Schedule. However, MoneyZen founder, Manisha Thakor, has long served as an enthusiastic educator and public spokesperson on money matters. Anyone is welcome to visit our Resources page for no-cost financial insights – including suggestions for other advisor options. Sign up to receive Manisha’s (free) MoneyZen Mondays personal Blog posts and monthly newsletters or read the two personal finance Books Manisha co-authored.

If after reading through our FAQ, you feel our Wealth Management services might be a fit for you, we’d love to arrange a time to talk. You can reach us by email or by phone, using the contact info below:


Email: Manisha [at] MoneyZen [dot] com

Phone: 505.466.5115