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Is MoneyZen Wealth Management Right For You?

Not everyone needs a wealth manager. Not all wealth managers are a good fit. Is MoneyZen Wealth Management right for you? If the following describes you, there’s a good chance the answer may be, “Yes!”

  • Your financial well-being is as important to you as your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • You want to remain involved in your financial future, but leave the details to us.
  • While money enriches your life and you’re not afraid to say so, you also know that it’s not an end in itself.
  • You are excited to delve beneath the surface and discover your MoneyZen. To you, it’s more than money, it’s about your life.
  • Thinking about a relationship with us – our smart and simple process, leading-edge technology and personal touch – gives you a refreshing sense of relief.


What Is The MoneyZen Zone?

BehaviorGap.com illustrations used with permission.
“I love Carl Richards’ drawings because I firmly believe that the best investment ideas should be simple enough to explain on a cocktail napkin!” -Manisha


It is a place of simplicity, abundance, and freedom.

The MoneyZen Zone is that delightful sweet spot where you are focused on the things that matter AND that are within your control. It is a place of profound clarity and strength. It guides all of our financial planning and investment decisions at MoneyZen Wealth Management.

It brings you closer to the life you were meant to live.



MoneyZen Financial Acumen

“Earn and save it. Invest and protect it. Spend and enjoy it. Reflect on it – and repeat.
– Manisha’s recipe for MoneyZen

By being a good steward with her own money, Manisha Thakor has been able to pursue her dream life – living with her wonderful husband Randy in Santa Fe, NM and doing work that nourishes her soul. Applying the same model, she helps her MoneyZen Wealth Management clients realize their life dreams as well. Your enriched life begins with holistic financial planning and continues on with evidenced-based investment management:

Financial Life Planning + Investment Management = Mindful Wealth

At the core of the MoneyZen approach is a unique 5-steps methodology designed to put the personal back into personal finance (click here to read a more detailed description of the client experience). With a full array of expertly managed financial planning activities (cash flow/budgeting, debt management, education and retirement planning, insurance analysis, tax awareness, estate and philanthropic planning) we distinguish ourselves by never losing sight of the “Zen” goal that these potentially complex issues are all about: aligning your values with your money, to arrive at your impeccable plan. In this sense, your plan becomes a part of you, comfortable and complementary to your sense of well-being. With your financial plan in place, your dreams are next set into motion with MoneyZen’s straight-forward and clear investment strategy.

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