financial education

Speech Topics


KNOW YOUR WORTH how to create an abundant financial life
Covering the essential building blocks of personal finance, this session will show you how to simplify your life and embrace personal finance as a vital form of self-care. You will leave this talk with an understanding of:

  • Spending: The five items that typically consume 50% of your lifetime income (and what healthy, joy-based spending really looks like)
  • Saving:  The three most common savings myths… busted
  • Credit scores: The importance of this number and how to maintain and improve yours
  • Insurance: The key types of personal coverage to have (and what not to have)
  • Retirement planning: What every woman needs to know

Appropriate audiences: Women of any age, and especially those between ages 20-40.


INVEST…WITH LESS STRESS simplify your investments for a richer life
Starting with a brief overview of the current investment landscape, this session will dive into the five key drivers of a successful investment process. You will leave this talk with an understanding of:

  • The three most important drivers of long-term investment success
  • What your primary investment options are (and how to pick the mix that is right for you)
  • The five most common investment mistakes
  • What you can realistically spend in retirement and how to calculate what you need to save to get there
  • How to honor who you are and who will become (your dreams and aspirations for the future) through mindful, integrated financial planning

Appropriate audiences: Women of any age, and especially those between ages 35-65.


GET FINANCIALLY NAKED  how to talk money with your honey…and others!
This session will cover one of the most problematic areas in personal finance – how to actually talk about money with the key people in your life.  You will leave this session with actionable tools to make money a joyful, energizing part of your relationships through an increased understanding of:

  • Why financial opposites attract and what to do about it
  • The most important financial lessons to share with your kids
  • The key financial conversations to have with elderly parents (and/or extended family)
  • How to earn what you are worth through successful negotiation
  • The various types of financial professionals (advisors, CPA, estate lawyers) and how to find the ones that are right for you

Appropriate audiences: Women of any age.

Past Speaking Audiences Include:


  • Administrative Professionals Conference | Orlando, FL
  • American Society of Women Plastic Surgeons | Chicago, IL
  • The Atlanta Women’s Network | Atlanta, GA
  • Charles Schwab, Women’s Internal Network | San Francisco, CA
  • Citadel Investments | Chicago IL
  • CFA Society of New Mexico | Albuquerque, NM
  • Daya, One Voice Against Domestic Violence | Houston, TX
  • Ellevate Network | New York, NY
  • Girl’s Inc. | Westchester, NY
  • Go Girl Finance | New York, NY
  • Harvard-Radcliffe University | Cambridge, MA
  • NACUBO Women’s Leadership Institute | Amelia Island, FL
  • Savvy Ladies | New York, NY
  • S.H.E. Summit Week | New York, NY
  • Idaho Smart Women Smart Money | Boise, ID
  • IMCA Annual Conference | Orlando, FL
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition | Miami FL
  • The Omega Institute | Rhinebeck, NY
  • Pennsylvania Conference for Women | Philadelphia, PA
  • Texas Conference for Women | Austin, TX
  • TIAA-CREF | Washington, DC
  • University of North Carolina | Chapel Hill, NC
  • Watermark Silicon Valley Women’s Lead On Conference | Santa Clara, CA
  • Wellesley College | Wellesley, MA
  • Women, Action and Media | New York, NY


Past Corporate Clients Include:

  • American Express
  • Fiserv
  • Galderma
  • NestWise
  • Sears
  • WageWorks