x – Transparent Fees

Manisha loves Carl Richards’ drawings because she firmly believes that the best investment ideas should be simple enough to explain on a cocktail napkin! BehaviorGap.com illustrations used with permission.

Dedicated to the principle that managing costs is vital to sound investment strategy, we also firmly believe that creating your “one best financial life,” as depicted by our BehaviorGap.com colleague Carl Richards, is worth investing in.

As such, you deserve to know exactly what you are spending, clearly and prominently, so you can determine whether the costs make sense for the value received.

We charge a percent of assets under management for our integrated, holistic financial planning and investment management services based on the following schedule:



MoneyZen’s Simple and Transparent Fee Schedule

Assets Under Management Annual Fee
First $3 million 1.00%
Next $2 million 0.80%
Next $5 million 0.60%
Amounts > $10 million 0.40%